Why Sexual Harassment Cases are Not Reported on Time

Despite sexual harassment cases being a serious crime, victims may not report them. Such cases are common in offices, colleges and even schools. Many a time, we may come across them in the neighborhood. We watch several TV shows and movies in which it is taught that the victim should never keep mum when this kind of incident occurs However, the number of cases is lesser than the actual incidents. The victim should always contact The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg so that she can fight for the justice and abuser gets punished.

Delay reporting

In most cases, the incident is reported after the victim decides that the abuser should get punished. It has been observed that the family members don’t want her to report it because of the fear of society and difficulties that may arise in life after everyone knows about it. It is uncommon to see the victim reporting the incident right after it. Delayed reporting may spoil the evidence and temper the medical condition of the person. In several cases, the abuser does not get punished because of the lack of evidence. Therefore, such cases should be reported immediately.

The abuser is in a powerful position

The victim may not report the incident if the abuser is in a higher position such as the CEO of the company where she is working. In such cases, she may fear losing her job, the safety of the family and children etc. The abuser may take the advantage of the situation and destroy the evidence. To deal with it in a better manner, you must keep records of all chats, calls and emails from your employer if he has been harassing you sexually at the workplace and meet an attorney for guidance. 

Victim blaming 

It is surprising to know that victim blaming is real. People don’t want to understand the pain and suffering of the victim. They judge her and blame her for the way she dresses and other characteristics. Therefore, she may not come out with her feelings and prefer staying quiet even if she is feeling horrible inside. It is time for us to support each other and talk out things before the victim takes adverse steps such as suicide. We can change society when we all unite and fight against sexual harassment maru gujarat.

The victim should be encouraged to speak for herself and meet a good sexual harassment lawyer

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