Why is it So Hard to Stop the Tamil rockers?

Attempting to stop Tamil rockers is almost impossible. Currently, there are several court cases filed against them. The police claim that all of the accused are highly qualified students. The majority hold degrees in Computer Science. But, it is very hard to prevent them from continuing to spread their piracy. The Tamil rockers keep changing domains,  newsfed and generate new links every day. This is how they manage to remain active and avoid being caught.

The Tamil Rockers website is another website that has become a major problem for film fans and more issues from theprisma. The pirates use peer-to-peer networks to distribute their movies online. They record complete movies from small theaters and short movie durations from multiple sources. They then edit and distribute them on their website. In many ways, the Tamil rockers are a big threat to the movie industry.

But it is still impossible to stop Tamil rockers. It’s not one person, but a group of people from different countries. And this means that you can’t get a clear picture of who is behind this website. These people hide behind anonymity, or they even work overseas. The Tamil rockers use proxy servers in Russia and Ukraine. That way, they can get around the government’s blockades.


It’s not even possible to trace the owner of the Tamil rockers website and this catchupdate website. The site is widely used in India and has become famous in the Tamil state. Those producers are asking the cyber anti-piracy office to ban the site, and the court is considering taking action. But this may be a tough ask for many. So, in the meantime, let’s try to understand the situation.

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