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New Balance Quality is a set of guidelines that New Balance Corporation, Inc. established as an umbrella for its quality initiatives in manufacturing, design, and marketing. It was designed to guide how customers receive the quality product they desire while maintaining a balance between work, pricing, and products. The guidelines allow manufacturers to improve their manufacturing processes while creating differentiating products that consumers value and can trust. It allows the company to produce better shoes and provides employees with more stability in their job security by providing more predictability for production items. Social media listening tools show that New Balance has an active presence and can closely monitor the market to keep up with consumer demands. The hashtag allows New Balance Corporation, Inc. to monitor the shoes’ reception and determine products that need to be media listening also enables the company to improve its manufacturing process in the future. The hashtags address an issue with a specific shoe, and New Balance can now use this information to produce a better product for the market that is more appealing to consumers.

New Balance Quality Plan

* Subjective Attributes: In this category, New Balance focuses on how it improves its shoes before they are released into the market. Many of its shoes are equipped with modern technology, like cushioning. This cushioning allows New Balance to create shoes that conform to the foot’s shape and absorb shock during movement so that consumers receive a more comfortable product. Social media listening can be used to monitor the reception of this technology by consumers and see if there is a way to improve the technology.

* Objective Attributes: This category focuses on the product released into the market and how New Balance Corporation, Inc. can improve its manufacturing process. Consumers can give feedback on manufacturing defects, and New Balance will use social media listening to determine what specific shoes need improvement. New Balance can monitor the reception of shoes and fix problems in its manufacturing process before they are released into the market.

* Articulation: This category focuses on New Balance’s communication with its consumers and how they can improve it. New Balance has a social media presence to interact with customers and provide them with information about new products and production details to make their marketing efforts more efficient. There is also an online blogging system where employees can write about their experiences at work, how production works, and how specific technology has changed their jobs, giving them greater job security.

* Innovation: This category focuses on the new markets New Balance Corporation, Inc. can expand into to broaden its consumer base. This particular market is not limited to New Balance but is an industry-wide problem that involves all athletic shoe companies. As a competitor, Nike has a strong presence in this market as it is constantly taking on new challenges and increasing its production capacity by opening factories worldwide. Social media listening can be used to monitor competitors, see what they are doing, and respond accordingly.

Social media listening was created by an agency specializing in this work. The reason is that social media’s importance has grown dramatically, and all businesses must embrace it to be successful. According to the company’s entry on public relations, new businesses are using social media to grow their business and increase profits. Still, more established companies need these tools to remain competitive in a changing market. This tool is used for competitive intelligence, brand reputation management, customer support, sales analysis, crisis management, and news monitoring.

New Balance Quality can be analyzed by the three New Balance Quality Plan categories. The company can put social media listening in its “Articulation” category because it can improve its customer support plan by addressing issues that arise during production. The company also has a strong presence on social media, which ties into its “Social Media Listening” category because it can use this technology to monitor the market and prepare for customers’ demands before they actually buy the product.

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