Smutstone Update

A new update for the Smutstone card game has arrived! It now includes erotica, a wiki, and more! The game is a new combination of a fierce card game and an endless supply of babes! It also features a number of new scenes and rewards for strengthening your cards! Here are some new features that players will love: desktime

SmutStone is a card game

If you are looking for a new card game to try, Smut Stone is for you. This unique deck building turn-based fighter features a unique twist: a storyline. Players begin with a one-night stand with a stripper and must work their way up the ranks to save the world! While the game doesn’t have much dialogue, you can enjoy the realistic sounds of hot girls squabbling on the battle field.

Smutstone is a card battle game that combines a fantasy world with adult themes. Players will have the opportunity to enslave 101 bitches, each with their own unique set of attack and hit points. The battle will continue until one side has no cards left and the game ends in a cut scene that is reminiscent of a cartoon. Throughout the game, you will need to manage your deck, which contains horny female creatures.

It has erotica

A recent update of the browser game Smutstone has added erotica! The game’s character, known as Smutstone, plucked a vampire girl’s fangs and ravaged an elemental girl’s cunt. Even though the elementals tried to fight back, Smutstone twisted their will and took them away. This game’s erotica content is absolutely out of control!

The gameplay revolves around cards. In this case, the game begins with a one-night-stand with a stripper, but soon progresses to saving the world. Although there is no dialogue, there are realistic sounds of hot girls fighting each other. So, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while saving the world! Be warned: the game is not recommended for public play! There is a level cap of erotica in Smut Stone, so you should avoid playing it with a partner!

The game is available on various mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. While this doesn’t make it as enjoyable as playing a mobile app, it’s still possible to enjoy the game on these devices. Besides, the erotica in this game is really sexy! If you’ve ever played ipsmarketing, you know how much fun it is! It’s free, and the content is addictive!

It has a clear ending

The Smutstone Update is the third and final installment of the Smutstone game. The game is a highly risque card battle game that requires an extensive campaign. You can seduce the ladies and earn sexy rewards to upgrade your cards. A weak card can suffer a crushing defeat, but the sexy cards will add to your strength. To unlock a new character, you will need to collect the character cards and other elements.

Smutstone has a lot of content, including daily challenges that unlock more cards and equipment. There are also tournament modes, which reward players with free cards after they win. The game also looks and sounds fantastic. There are a few kinks, but overall it’s a fantastic experience. It’s not a bad game, but it could do better on presentation and music. If you’re looking for a genuinely sexy porn game, Smutstone isn’t for you.

It has a wiki

The smutstone wiki contains 817 articles. Mechanic cards are a main feature of the game, and they simulate battles between players and enemies. These cards also have information about the various artifacts you can find in the game, such as wrenches, wire cutters, and other similar mechanisms. Players can purchase these mechanisms to build various wired devices to use against their enemies.


The game features saucy cut-scenes and dueling against other players. Players can enjoy the game’s unique blend of erotica and a card game. As you progress through the game, you strengthen your cards to unlock more scenes and characters. The wiki also lists similar games. You can choose any of these to play if SmutStone isn’t for you. These games are similar to newscrawl, but have different gameplay and art styles.

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