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Rahul Sood is a fearless leader at Voodoo PC, a company that’s known for its cutting-edge design. However, he was worried about the HP tie-up. He was worried that HP would sell VoodooDNA machines under its own brand. After this, he went radio silent fullformsadda.

Irreverent Labs

Recently, Irreverent Labs introduced MechaFightClub, an online game that received attention from investors and attracted $40 million in financing. MechaFightClub is the first NFT game developed by Irreverent Labs, which was founded by David Raskino and Rahul Sood in November 2021. The company received its first investment from Andreessen Horowitz. The company is currently based in Ukraine and has approximately twenty employees. informenu

Rahul Sood is the CEO of Irreverent Labs, a venture-backed gaming studio that is building entertainment experiences on blockchain technology. He previously founded the video game company Unikrn, which led the industry in esports and video game wagering. The company was acquired by Entain PLC in 2021 dishportal.

Irreverent Labs uses the Solana blockchain to process transactions quickly. The Solana blockchain is widely used in gaming and has an efficient process for processing transactions. Sood also teamed up with David Raskino, a software engineer who has expertise in agent simulation. Raskino’s AI expertise helped develop the game’s AI. The game is built in Unity and combines arena fighting and breeding etvhindu.


A new game called MechaFightClub is on the way from developer Irreverent Labs. It is based on the Solana blockchain and will be a “play-to-earn” game. This concept is similar to Warhammer and Heroclix, but with a blockchain.

MechaFightClub is a play-to-earn multiplayer video game that allows players to purchase mechabot fighters tied to a blockchain. The blockchain is used to verify that a particular fighter is unique and is not duplicated. Players can then resell the characters they have purchased as they level up quoteamaze.

The game takes place in a dystopian future in 2065. Extensive alien mechabots, formerly used to enslave mankind, are now being used for entertainment. MechaFightClub features thousands of chicken-like mechabots that fight in a massive arena. Each mechabot starts out as an egg and evolves into a bionic creature capable of combating humans. The game is set to release later this year on the Solana blockchain.

Irreverent Labs has raised $40 million and plans to unveil MechaFightClub in January 2022. The company’s founder, Nikolay Storonsky, is a former champion swimmer in his native Russia. The startup will use non-fungible tokens and is aiming for a $80 million pre-money valuation.

Rahul Sood

Founder and CEO of Voodoo PC, Rahul Sood is an example of an entrepreneur with vision. He was only 17 when he started the company, was not legally able to vote or sign contracts, and did not have a lot of money. In fact, he took out $1,500 on his credit card to start his company. Despite his age, Rahul Sood has proven that a startup can be profitable. He was able to raise $40 million in venture capital and sell his company to HP.


HP has announced that it has agreed to acquire Voodoo Computers. Its founders, Rahul Sood and his brother Ravi, will now take positions within HP’s new game business unit within its Personal Systems Group. The company will continue to operate out of its Calgary, Alberta headquarters. The deal is expected to close in November.

Voodoo PCs are highly sophisticated computers with quad-core processors, up to five hard drives, and up to 3.5 terabytes of storage. The computer can also support dual liquid-cooled video cards that produce high-resolution animated game action. Founder Rahul Sood is the co-founder of Irreverent Labs, a company that has acquired several technology companies such as Alienware and VoodooPC.

In addition to his recent acquisition, Sood has had a long and distinguished career in the computer industry. He started Voodoo PC, a Calgary-based custom PC-building company, in 1991. He designed custom gaming PCs with the latest graphics cards, liquid cooling, and custom paint jobs. The computers, which sold for $5,000 to $10,000, were incredibly powerful machines, and Sood was able to turn his passion into a lucrative business.

Voodoo PC, Unikrn, and Irreverent Labs

VoodooPC is a company founded by Rahul Sood to produce luxury gaming computers. They offer high-end performance and great features. These computers are perfect for gaming and can even be used for business purposes.

Irreverent Labs

Irreverent Labs is a new blockchain gaming startup founded by Rahul Sood. Previously, he founded Voodoo PC, a high-end gaming brand that was later sold to HP. Before founding Irreverent Labs, Sood worked as a general manager at Microsoft Ventures and at Unikrn, a startup that focused on e-sports betting on blockchain.

Earlier, he was an investor in Vrvana, an AR/VR company that was acquired by Apple in 2017. He is also chairman of Maingear, a PC gaming startup.

The company focuses on creating games with artificially intelligent characters that are able to interact with the player and interact with the environment. In addition, the company provides players with NFTs, a system that allows them to purchase and sell core components. The company hopes to launch its first game in late December 2021. The team has expertise in machine learning, gaming, and blockchain.


Voodoo PC is a company that makes high-end PCs. The company was founded by Rahul Sood, who is also the CEO. He has a long history as a computer designer. He started Voodoo PC in Calgary, Canada, in 1991. His company created high-end computers with custom paint jobs, liquid cooling, and fast graphics cards. These computers were marketed to gamers, and were sold for $5,000 to $10,000.


Voodoo computers have quad-core processors and up to five hard drives. They also have dual liquid-cooled video cards and can play high-resolution games. This makes them perfect for gamers. Rahul Sood, the creator of the Voodoo, believes that this type of PC will change the way we game.

Voodoo PC is known for its cutting-edge design, and Rahul Sood is the company’s fearless leader. HP and Voodoo PC initially discussed an alliance, but the deal fell through due to a rocky start. But later, HP’s tie-up with Voodoo forced the company to go radio-silent.

The acquisition of Voodoo was a big step for HP, which had a $3.5 billion budget and a big presence in the computer industry. Voodoo’s founders, Rahul Sood and Ravi Sood, are now Hewlett-Packard’s worldwide director of strategy for global gaming. Although a large corporation, Voodoo is still custom-built. Crowds gather to peer inside the supercomputers, while other small-tech entrepreneurs congratulate him on his new position.

HP’s deal with VoodooPC will make it easier to purchase and sell. Voodoo will retain its Calgary, Alberta, headquarters, and Rahul Sood will become the company’s chief technologist in the HP game division. The deal is expected to close in November. While the Voodoo PC business unit may have a new name, the support will remain the same.


Unikrn, founded by Rahul Sood, is a leading gaming PC company. Rahul’s background includes working for VoodooPC, HP, Razer, and Microsoft. He left his role at Microsoft in 2010 and went on to co-found Unikrn with Karl Flores.

Sood, a serial entrepreneur, has a history of investing in startups. Before founding Unikrn, he co-founded Voodoo, a boutique PC maker that was acquired by HP. Later, he was the global head of Microsoft Ventures, but left to found Unikrn. He also invested in blockchain horse racing game ZED Run and high-end PC gaming company MAINGEAR.

Sood also co-founded BrightSquid Medical and BullsOnWallStreet. He was also an early shareholder in Razer, Maingear, and Vrvana. He is an active member of the Calgary entrepreneurial community and enjoys standup paddle boarding, wake surfing, and racing cars. He is a native of Alberta, Canada. You can find him on Twitter at @rahul sood.

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