A Character From Ssr Wind Shield Immortalized as a Lotus Flower in an Eternal Tree

Eternal Tree, a widely played mobile game, features the SSR Wind Shield character Lotus Flower, who is widely acknowledged to be one of the most powerful characters. This guide will focus on her abilities and how to master them.

The Qualities of the Lotus Flower are Substantial

The lotus flower is renowned for its impressive capabilities. It is able to thrive in a wide range of environments, from the shallow waters of ponds to the muddy, murky depths of lakes. It is also resilient, able to survive and even bloom in the face of adversity. Furthermore, its delicate beauty is a testament to its strength and determination. These qualities make it an enduring symbol of hope and renewal.

Her Burst Skill, Starry Sky Extreme, is able to inflict 420% damage (up to 280 million) upon a single target, and also bestows an illusionary layer that always avoids one attack, along with an aiding effect for a single turn. Furthermore, the skill also removes any abnormal status from herself. With her tremendous damage output, she is a great addition to any team, especially in those times when the team needs to swiftly deal with a single adversary.

Two Resonance Arts are attributed to the Lotus Flower. The first, Small Point (CD 5), gives her a higher threat value, a 25% increase in evasion rate and a 25% greater chance of a heavy attack, all lasting three turns, making her suitable for tanking multiple foes at once. The second, Attraction (CD 8), bestows a layer of illusion and a 30% enhancement to Wind element attacks on all allies for six turns, making her a precious addition to any team that utilizes Wind attacks.

The Lotus Flower has two innate capabilities: Wonderful Hands and Anti-Clip. The former decreases the attack power of all adversaries by 5% (up to 3 layers, lasting 120 seconds) when she evades a strike. The latter increases her critical hit rate and adds extra damage to her base attacks when she is in an illusionary state. Furthermore, when she is in a dodging state, her Synchro Blessing (at Synchro 5) boosts both her Burst Skill damage and upper limit by 10% (up to 28 million).

The configuration of the Wind Team is set up.

In order to benefit from what Lotus Flower has to offer, it is advised to use her in a Wind team formation. Characters such as Rosalie, Hughes, Minnie, Lotus Flower, and Amy are recommended for this kind of squad. This setup is tailored to leverage the offensive powers of Wind-based attacks and abilities of the characters, thus making them a powerful force in combat.

The Abilities Associated with the Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is a powerful combatant, equipped with a special set of abilities that allow her to battle multiple opponents simultaneously. She is well-known for her great damage-dealing potential, ensuring she is able to inflict harm on enemies while taking little damage herself. Furthermore, her skill in creating illusions and dodging attacks make it difficult for foes to land a successful hit.

The skills of Lotus Flower do not just stop at defense; she has the exceptional capacity to increase the offensive abilities of her comrades. With her wind-based abilities, she can amplify the offensive capabilities of her team, giving them a much-needed edge in battle. Her aptitude to adjust to a range of conditions and excel in both aggressive and defensive parts makes her an invaluable asset in any type of fight.

Analyzing the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lotus Flower is something that should be done in order to understand its significance and effect.

The Lotus Flower character is intricate to comprehend as her attributes are a combination of both strengths and weaknesses. Her capacity to deal out damage, develop illusions and dodge strikes are some of her unique talents that make her a strong tank in combat. In addition, her Wind element strengthening powers give a notable edge to her comrades in battle.

Nonetheless, it would be remiss to ignore her shortcomings since they can have a major influence on her behavior during particular conditions. The Spring Equinox debuff, rendering her nearly powerless during the Wind Advantage Event, is one of her most consequential weaknesses. Additionally, her powers are less successful against adversaries with high defense, which could render her less helpful in certain fights.

In order to make the most of Lotus Flower in battle, it is important to be aware of her capabilities and flaws.

When caring for a Lotus flower, it is advised to keep it in direct sunlight, water it regularly, and use a well-drained soil. Additionally, fertilizing every two weeks is beneficial. To ensure the plant has proper air circulation, occasional pruning is recommended.

In order to take full advantage of the Lotus Flower’s capabilities, it is wise to use her in appropriate situations. During the Wind Advantage Event, it is recommended to minimize her usage due to the Spring Equinox debuff. On the other hand, when not in this event, she can be an advantage to any team that primarily uses Wind attacks. It is also important to consider her abilities when selecting other characters for the team. Characters that can boost her evasion or Wind attribute attacks can further improve her performance in battle.

In Summary

The power of Lotus Flower in Eternal Tree can’t be denied, but it is important to keep in mind the potential disadvantages of the vernal equinox. All characters have their weak points, so it is recommended to download the Redfinger Android emulator before playing Lotus Flower to get familiarized with the characters’ shortcomings and thus increase the probability of success. Link to Redfinger Android emulator.

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