6 Questions you Must Ask your Divorce Attorney

Your mind must be bubbling with hundreds of questions you want to ask your divorce lawyer. And they ought to answer all your questions. But often people tend to ask irrelevant questions that have no connection with the divorce. It is due to the overwhelming situation they are in. Divorces are hard and losing your mind is quite the right thing. If you are in such a situation google divorce lawyer near me for seeking help.

An experienced divorce attorney has listed a few questions. Ask these questions to understand your case better. 

  • How can you communicate with the lawyer?

There are times when you might need to talk to a lawyer depending on the situation and need. Ask them how you can reach them.

  • How can you see your file?

Ask you, attorney, how you can see your file. There might come a situation where you want to see your file physically. Moreover, it is your file and you have all the rights to see it. 

  • Who are the people that will work on your case?

When you are hiring a firm there are a certain number of people who will work on your case. Ask your lawyer who those people are and take their contact information.

  • What will be the cost of fighting the whole case?

Ask your lawyer to be clear about their fees and out-of-the-box expenses that you have to make for your case. Getting a clear picture of how much it will cost will help you in the longer run. 

  • Can you send your spouse out of the house without the court’s permission?

While fighting a divorce case, it is quite difficult to stay with your spouse within the same premises and under the same roof. If your spouse is violent, you can ask your lawyer to press a restraining order. In other circumstances, ask your lawyer if you can send your spouse out of the house. 

  • What is your experience in dealing with divorce cases?

Ask your lawyer about the years they have practiced in dealing with divorce cases. It will help you to be confident that your lawyer is old in the field and trustworthy. 


Asking all the mentioned questions will help you get a clear knowledge of the case. You will know your case and your lawyer more, which will in turn help you clear all the doubts. 

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