4 examples of businesses that use custom stickers to market effectively

Small businesses are always looking for creative and affordable ways to market their products and services. Custom stickers can be a powerful marketing tool for small businesses of all sizes. Here are four examples of businesses that are using custom stickers to market effectively.

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1. Apple – Die cut stickers 

We all know Apple. And we all know the die cut stickers in the shape of an apple you get when you purchase an Apple product. This is genius for two reasons:

The custom shape of the stickers makes them standout, immediately gets us to think of the brand, and activates all the associations we link to the tech company. Secondly, Apple already delivers a great tool to stick their stickers to: laptops, phones and iPods (remember those?).

This helps them to create thousands of free brand ambassadors that show off their iconic logo to the world.

2. Reddit – Hand out stickers to grow your brand 

Reddit has become simultaneous with the World Wide Web. But did you know that it all started with stickers? In the fifteen years since its founding, Reddit has only spent £350 on advertising–yet it is now valued at $3 billion.

And they spent those £350 on stickers. No matter where the three founders went, the Reddit logo stickers followed; introducing new people to the brand, and making them want more in the process.

3. Vans – Brand recognition with logo stickers

The Vans stickers are iconic. Why? Because they speak to an entire culture. Having that sticker means you’re a part of that culture. And there was a time when their logo stickers were just as sought after as their apparel.

This is a great example of how stickers can help brands achieve brand recognition. When we see the distinct shape of the Vans stickers, we immediately think of their product and business – all thanks to stickers!

4. Glossier – Hyped sticker packs 

There is a real hype about Glossier’s sticker packs. The cosmetic brand does not specialize in printing. Yet, their stickers are a firm part of their unboxing experience. They update them on a regular basis to keep surprising their customers and keep them in demand doithuong.

And this is working so well, that a quick Google search will show lots of questions asked about their stickers products. So many, in fact, that the brand had to include an FAQ all about their stickers on their website.

Small businesses can benefit from using personalized stickers to market their products and services. The four examples of businesses that are using stickers effectively shown in this article are a great place to start for inspiration. If you’re looking for a creative and affordable way to market your business, custom stickers may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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