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Christian school in freehold 2018-01-09T17:30:00Z Christian school in freehold Christian school in freehold 2018-01-09T17:30:00Z Christian school in freehold is a public school located in the town of Freehold, New Jersey, United States. It serves students aged 6 to 17 from the city of Freeholders. The school was established in 1855 and has grown over the years to its current size of almost 20 students. As with most schools, the student body at Christian has grown throughout its history. Over time, it has also changed slightly to accommodate growth and improve quality of education. Today, it is a small but growing congregation that clearly values education as a great way to learn and expand one’s knowledge. Here we will discuss some important information about the school and what to expect from your visit there. christian school in freehold v holman high schools

What is a Christian school?

A Christian school is a school that is primarily intended for people who are Christian. Most school districts will have a specific religious program that is part of the school calendar. Examples include Boy Scout troops and adult Bible studies. Christian schools usually have a small enrollment, often fewer than twenty students. It is important to note that most churches also have a “religious” program, which is separate and entirely separate from the common core.

How to reach out to a Christian school audience?

Visit the school and ask the educators what they think about the school. Ask the parents and other students about their experiences at the school, what they like about it, and what they would like to see happen.

What makes a great Christian school visit?

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Christian Schools in NJ- Freehold

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Christian Schools in Other States- New Jersey

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At Freehold Christian School, we believe that education should be a part of life. That means that we believe that education is a right, and that all people should be able to access education at their own pace, with appropriate supports. We also believe that a public school is the best way to go. The Freehold School District has operated in the same manner for over 100 years. Their student body has grown at a steady pace, and the district has remained relatively the same size. However, the size of the school has grown significantly when compared to other New York City school districts. In fact, during the 2011-12 school year, the Freehold school district added about one-third of its current student body. This increase in students is not only academic but also cultural and religious. While there are many things to like about Freehold Christian, there are also many things that we hope will be improved upon over the next five or eight years. Therefore, the district needs to focus on growing its enrollment, offering more programs and services, and becoming a stronger member of the state.

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